Jensen Gelfond, President


Dear Kiwanians,

I am honored to be your President! We are builders, and I hope to help Kiwanis continue to build a strong club so that we may help the children of Asheville for generations to come. Thank you to our past Presidents Dawn, JoAnn and Paul, who I have learned so much from since joining the club. I hope to make you proud! A special thank you to Russ Martin, who invited me to join Kiwanis and gave the gift of opportunity to give back to the community and have weekly fellowship with a great group of Ashevillians.

Our board and officers have a wonderful mix of new and accomplished Kiwanians, and I am looking forward to working with Jess, Rick, Tony, and Elaine to make this year a great one.

The timeliest need for our club is membership.  Kiwanis is a volunteer organization, and we must provide a call-to-action for Asheville community members who want to volunteer and make a difference. Opportunity knocks at every activity we take part in, and for every interesting new person we meet individually. Let’s be inclusive, invite visitors, and grow our club!

Satisfying volunteer opportunities are also important. In fact, mentioning a fun Kiwanis volunteer opportunity to a friend who knows nothing about our club could be the first step towards gaining a new member. So these goals go hand-in-hand. We will also have exciting new possibilities to work with children, including the opportunity to found a new key club at AC Reynolds High School.

Our club has so many strengths including a rich history and devoted membership.  We have vibrant new Kiwanians and accomplished members with decades of Kiwanis leadership experience. Our weekly meetings are an opportunity for both fellowship and learning about challenges and solutions in our beloved mountain town. I look forward to working together to answer the call of Kiwanis!



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