President’s Corner

Happy Spring fellow Kiwanians! Just as the natural world is seeing signs of life everywhere, our Kiwanis Club is showing vibrancy as we hit the warmer weather.
We are always learning through our great lineup of weekly speakers, and this coming week our Mayor Esther Manheimer will be speaker. Please consider bringing a friend for this opportunity to greet the mayor!
Our club is growing! We have 3 applications in process and will be inducting these new members and welcoming our new Kiwanians on April 11. Building our club’s membership will be the best way to provide a positive impact on our community, and I’m so excited to be holding the first induction of this Kiwanis year!
We have volunteer opportunities coming up; serving lunch at Steadfast House in collaboration with ABCCM, working the Tourists ballgame at the end of the month, and new opportunities abound as we are looking to collaborate with the Asheville Museum of Science downtown on Patton Ave.
Two big fundraisers are just around the corner, with the annual Biltmore Race and a brand new Pancake Breakfast fundraiser with Eliada. These will showcase Kiwanis to the community and provide the necessary funds for the many great programs we support. Do you know a business or friend who could support Kiwanis by attending or sponsoring these events?
So many good things are going on! Please continue to invite your friends to experience our club and its opportunities for learning, connections, and service in the community.

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