Christmas Shopping

Each year our Kiwanis Club of Asheville takes homeless children Christmas shopping. It’s truly my most rewarding project. This year, I chose this precious little girl, (9 Years old). She was filled with excitement. I didn’t get to sit with her during dinner, but she was eager to meet me at Kmart and to being our evening of shopping. With beaming eyes and energy she could hardly contain, she said “

I love to shop, do you?” I sure do, I replied. I told her I heard she lost her iPod; did she want to look for another one? She said no, she wanted to look at toys. As she eagerly climbed onto the front of the buggy she looked me in the eyes, and said “do you want to know what I really want for Christmas?” I said yes, tell me what you want more than anything else for Christmas. She said “do you really, really want to know”… I was getting excited, and said of course I really want to know. She said “I want to go home to live with my Mom.” Oh my heart broke a little. I said but I thought that was your Mom, where is your Mom? She said “that is my Mom, but I live in a foster home.”
She wanted me to help her pick out a baby doll, one that looked like her. So we picked one with long dark hair and big brown eyes. She also got a bath tub for the baby doll and a little stuffed dog. As I was pushing the buggy to the check-out, she was again looking at me with those big beautiful brown eyes; I said I really hope you get what you really, really want for Christmas. She said “I will, I hope I get to go back home in January.” I asked how long she had lived in a foster home and she said 10 months. Wow, what a precious child, only 9 years old, and oh so smart for her young age.
Christmas Shopping 2       Christmas Shopping
And Sweetheart, I really, really hope you get what you really, really want for Christmas; because spending an evening with you was the best Christmas present I could ever wish for.Cindy Fuller, Immediate Past President

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